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As the fastest growing and most innovative flooring solution, BEAU Floor continues to deliver the most natural looking SPC/Hybrid flooring in the market with the highest quality. The slipping, fire and emmission are all been tested and certified in Australia with our own long-life warranties. SPC Flooring is 100% waterproof and come with the underlay already attached to the floorboard, which has made it the most saught-after flooring solution for commercial and domestic use. It is extremly easy to install and perfect for indoor and outdoor areas requiring waterproof along with elegant design. Our SPC/Hybrid floors are always exeeding our client’s requirements, and we are determined to supplythe most beautiful and economical SPC/Hybrid flooring in the market.


Advantage of SPC Flooring

1.100% waterproof – can be installed in humid and wet areas, kitchens, laundry, powder room and bathroom
2.Real wood charm – Looks and feels like real wood flooring
3.Easy to clean – moist mop recommended
4.E0 certified – European lowest formaldehyde emissions
5.Large planks – thick (7mm), wide (230mm) and long (1830mm) planks for an attractive modern look
6.IXPE Underlay – underlay included on each plank
7.Fire resistant – made from stone polymer composite
8.R10 Slip rating – slip resistant
9.No acclimation – no need to acclimatise SPC flooring
10.No expansion – no expansion joints, no need for large gaps around the perimeter
11.Versatile – SPC can be installed over any hard surface and can conceal most minor sub floor imperfections
12.Eco friendly – stone polymer composite flooring is made from eco friendly materials
13.Easy DIY – easy to install, save on installation costs

Comparison SPC to laminate, LVT or WPC flooring

SPC flooring is a massive upgrade from WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and laminate flooring.
SPC has 20 times better impact resistance than laminate flooring. 10 times better impact resistance than WPC flooring and LVT flooring.
SPC can be installed over any hard surfaces and can conceal most minor sub floor imperfections.
SPC is 60% faster to install than glue down LVT, WPC and laminate flooring.
SPC is much more eco friendly than laminate, LVT or WPC flooring.
SPC is 100% water proof – laminate, LVT and WPC flooring are not (most have less than 15 minute waterproof rating).
SPC can be installed in every room of your house including wet areas. Laminate, LVT and WPC flooring cannot.
SPC is much more stable than laminate, LVT or WPC flooring. No need for expansion joints or huge gaps around the perimeter.


Why Choose SPC Floor From Us

BEAU Floor has been in the flooring industry for many years. We are fully ventured in the rigid core vinyl flooring, which is also called SPC Rigid Core.

Our company has brand new production lines made by HOMAG Germany from 2018. The advanced production factory and our abundant knowledge in resilient flooring ensure that we can have the best rigid core flooring and to be the top supplier of rigid core spc flooring with our customers.

Our production process includes Mixing, Extruding, UV Coating, Cutting, Slotting and Packaging. Also, the product quality is guaranteed since we do six tests after the production process.

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