Our SPC/Hybrid Collection

As the fastest growing and most innovative flooring solution, BEAU Floor continues to deliver the most natural looking SPC/Hybrid flooring in the market with the highest quality. The slipping, fire and emmission are all been tested and certified in Australia with our own long-life warranties. SPC Flooring is 100% waterproof and come with the underlay already attached to the floorboard, which has made it the most saught-after flooring solution for commercial and domestic use. It is extremly easy to install and perfect for indoor and outdoor areas requiring waterproof along with elegant design. Our SPC/Hybrid floors are always exeeding our client’s requirements, and we are determined to supplythe most beautiful and economical SPC/Hybrid flooring in the market.


Advantage of SPC Flooring

1.100% waterproof – can be installed in humid and wet areas, kitchens, laundry, powder room and bathroom
2.Real wood charm – Looks and feels like real wood flooring
3.Easy to clean – moist mop recommended
4.E0 certified – European lowest formaldehyde emissions
5.Large planks – thick (7mm), wide (230mm) and long (1830mm) planks for an attractive modern look
6.IXPE Underlay – underlay included on each plank
7.Fire resistant – made from stone polymer composite
8.R10 Slip rating – slip resistant
9.No acclimation – no need to acclimatise SPC flooring
10.No expansion – no expansion joints, no need for large gaps around the perimeter
11.Versatile – SPC can be installed over any hard surface and can conceal most minor sub floor imperfections
12.Eco friendly – stone polymer composite flooring is made from eco friendly materials
13.Easy DIY – easy to install, save on installation costs

Comparison SPC to laminate, LVT or WPC flooring

SPC flooring is a massive upgrade from WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) and laminate flooring.
SPC has 20 times better impact resistance than laminate flooring. 10 times better impact resistance than WPC flooring and LVT flooring.
SPC can be installed over any hard surfaces and can conceal most minor sub floor imperfections.
SPC is 60% faster to install than glue down LVT, WPC and laminate flooring.
SPC is much more eco friendly than laminate, LVT or WPC flooring.
SPC is 100% water proof – laminate, LVT and WPC flooring are not (most have less than 15 minute waterproof rating).
SPC can be installed in every room of your house including wet areas. Laminate, LVT and WPC flooring cannot.
SPC is much more stable than laminate, LVT or WPC flooring. No need for expansion joints or huge gaps around the perimeter.


Why Choose SPC Floor From Us

BEAU Floor has been in the flooring industry for many years. We are fully ventured in the rigid core vinyl flooring, which is also called SPC Rigid Core.

Our company has brand new production lines made by HOMAG Germany from 2018. The advanced production factory and our abundant knowledge in resilient flooring ensure that we can have the best rigid core flooring and to be the top supplier of rigid core spc flooring with our customers.

Our production process includes Mixing, Extruding, UV Coating, Cutting, Slotting and Packaging. Also, the product quality is guaranteed since we do six tests after the production process.

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At Beau Floor, we offer a wide range of the highest quality flooring products. Cost-effectiveness and style are something we always guarantee, but when it comes to your flooring needs, you might want to look at a specific material depending on the needs of the room and how you use it.

Amongst our products, we offer SPC, or stone polymer composite, flooring. But why should you consider it? Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about this particular kind of flooring.

So, what is SPC flooring?

Also known as SPC vinyl flooring, or SPC rigid flooring, it’s a lot like other vinyl flooring. However, the primary difference is that it has a core of SPC, a dense, waterproof material that’s made from natural limestone and polyvinyl chloride. This lends the boards a much more stable base that’s able to support the multiple other layers.

However, thanks to the vinyl layer on the outside of SPC flooring, it can look like any other flooring, and there are plenty of SPC floor products at Beau Floor that beautifully mimic the appearance of real wood grains.

The different layers of SPC flooring

The layering system is what sets SPC floors apart from the rest, lending them the specific advantages of multiple different materials. The layers are as follows:

  • The wear layer is the very top coating found on all kinds of vinyl floors. This transparent coating is added to provide the stain and scratch resistance that’s expected of vinyl flooring.
  • The vinyl layer just beneath that is what lends the floor its appearance and texture. With Beau Floor, the difference between our SPC floors is primarily in what vinyl layer is added to it, but no matter which you choose, they all have that waterproof quality vinyl’s so popular for.
  • The SPC core, or stone polymer composite layer, ensures that the floorboards are waterproof all the way through, while also providing a strong, stable, and resilient support for the rest of the board.
  • The foam underlay is attached with every one of our SPC floors, adding a little softness to make sure the floor isn’t too harsh on feet, while also reducing sound and any potential impact damage.

It’s the cooperation of all these layers that makes SPC flooring stand out amongst the range of vinyl flooring types on the market. Without that SPC core, you simply don’t have the stability and strength.

The pros of SPC flooring

Amongst all of our floors, SPC is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices. There are a wide range of reasons why homeowners are looking more closely at our SPC range, and here are just a few of them:

  • It’s gorgeous: The quality of aesthetic depends on where you choose your SPC floor, but at Beau Floor, we ensure a variety of top-quality styles and textures, including some excellent wood styles.
  • It’s comfortable: Our high quality 2mm IXPE foam underlay ensures that all of our floors feel soft and absorb impact nicely when you step on them. Meanwhile, the touch SPC core is going to support the smooth vinyl planks nicely, so it’s going to wear through and feel thin and uncomfortable under your foot.
  • It’s quiet: The foam underlay also has the benefit of absorbing sound well, so you’re not going to be annoyed constantly by your own footsteps.
  • Waterproof: Like many vinyl floors, SPC is waterproof. However, the core is also waterproof, meaning that it’s never going to be at risk of losing consistency or quality even if the protective layer were to somehow stop working (which it won’t). This makes it perfect for wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • More stable than other vinyl floors: The limestone in the SPC core makes these floors particularly well suited to environments that might see a wide range of temperatures. Unlike others, it’s not going to lose its strength due to fluctuations in temperature.
  • Easy installation: The easy lock installation that comes with each one of our SPC products means that installing your own floor is going to be incredibly simple. You’re not going to need to bring any tools to get this job done.
  • Cost effective: While we, at Beau Floor, invest in the highest quality materials for our flooring, we ensure that they’re all sold at competitive rates, ensuring you don’t have to break the bank for gorgeous, practical floors.
  • Long-lasting and easy to maintain: With simply cleaning and mopping, it’s not difficult to keep your SPC floor well maintained. They are designed to last, as well, each coming with a 25 year residential structural warranty when you buy from Beau Floor.

The cons of SPC flooring

To many homeowners, the pros of SPC flooring way outweigh the cons. However, we believe that you need to be informed about the products you’re buying to ensure you take the best care of them, so here’s what you need to know about them:

  • They’re non-biodegradable: They’re not as eco-friendly as the more natural wood alternatives out there. While modern SPC floors do not release the harmful chemicals that were associated with cheap vinyl floors of the past, and more often use recycled materials, they’re still not the most environmentally sustainable floors around.
  • They don’t add as much value to the home: When compared to other upscale choices such as hardwood and stone. They’re a cost-effective investment, to be sure, but they’re not going to be one that makes your home a more profitable place.
  • Don’t retain temperature at easily as other floors: The SPC core easily gets cold, so they don’t retain warmth, which might be something to consider in the winter. However, this high heat conduction is also what makes them more stable.

Are SPC floors from Beau Floor the right choice for you?

Hopefully, the information above have given you a much better understanding of what SPC flooring is and why it’s become more popular. To take a closer look, visiting our SPC flooring products page and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Beau Floor if you have any questions.

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