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A testament to the durability of a laminate floor is the Abrasion Class it is certified under. The Abrasion Class is more commonly referred to in the laminate flooring marketplace as the AC Rating. The AC Rating system was first created by the Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring (ELPF) but ultimately became the standard rating system for laminate flooring products worldwide. The AC Rating is a good gauge as to how well a laminate flooring product will perform in your residential or commercial setting, so it’s a good idea when you’re browsing through laminate floor options to know what the AC Rating for each is.

Excellent Durability

  1. Highest Abrasion Resistant – AC5 Rating
  2. Wear and scratch resistance
  3. Heavy Commercial Graded Floor
  4. Extremely Strong Product for residential use
  5. HDF Core: High Density Floorboard 950 kg per cubic metre, withstand high pressure usage

Water Resistance

  1. Seal protection technology on the surface
  2. Water resistant and Water proof
  3. Withstand against splashes, spills and pet accidents
  4. German Technology – Real wood touch and feel
  5. Slip Resistance

Please have a close look on our newest generation of flooring products. Floors not only look beautiful, but also extremely practical, now even better with 100% resistant to water. It can withstand in any sort of situation of children playing around or accidentally spilling water, the liquid won’t be absorbed by the floor and you can mop it up conveniently. It has water-repellent coating. The floor’s surface is completely sealed, so bacteria, dirt and even spillages do not stand a chance to affect your BEAU floors. They can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth, leaving a nice and clean surface. These water-resistant floors make your life easier than ever!

Your new BEAU laminate floor also has a residential warranty of up to 25 years, commercial warranty of up to 10 years, and life-time structural warranty, to ensure you as our valuable client, to have worry-free pleasure in your business or home or in any environment.

Warranty & Certificates

  1. 25 years Residential Warranty
  2. 10 Years Commercial Warranty
  3. Life time structural warranty
  4. Fire rating tested in Australia
  5. Slip rating tested in Australia
  6. Emission rating tested in Australia

Beautiful Styling and Design

  1. No compromise on our beautiful and exclusive patterns
  2. Suitable for any residential and designer’s needs for large projects
  3. Made by designers, design for designers
  4. Preserve your room’s unique style for a lifetime with our superior quality
Beau Floor has produced their bespoke flooring in-house, with zero compromise to quality and workmanship. Known in part for their distinctive wood patterns, Beau Floor collaborates with the finest designers in the world to develop unique flooring solutions that are exclusive to their own. Today, Beau Floor offers the highest quality flooring products with the most competitive pricing and distinctive aesthetics – classic flooring reinterpreted in long-lasting and modern styles.
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