SPC/Hybrid Flooring Advantage

As we all know, SPC floor is a new product. SPC Floor also called rigid floor, SPC Vinyl floor, Diamond floor etc. Here are some SPC flooring advantage:

  1. Healthy and environmental friendly

SPC flooring is the latest upgrade and improvement of the Vinyl floor. There is no any plasticizer and Formaldehyde. SPC floor does not have the bad influence on kids and pets.

  1. Waterproof

SPC floor is totally waterproof, which can be used in kitchen and bathroom. Compared with wooden floor, SPC floor not only has wood floor colors but also have wood floor feels. SPC floor can also be close to nature. SPC floor is floor future.

  1. Easier to install

SPC floor has clicks, It is much easier to install, without any glue. Its can save labor cost and even can be DIY. SPC floor can also be installed on existing tiles and some imperfect subfloors.

  1. Long time warranty

SPC floor with good quality of wear layer, which has at least 15-25 years warranty. SPC floor can be used in residential or commercial area, like shopping malls, offices, home etc.

  1. Easier to maintain

SPC floor is much easier to clean and maintain. SPC floor do not have to be sanded and sealed. One mop is enough to clean the floor.

SPC floor is the most suitable floor for your home. SPC Flooring advantage is much more than other floorings. Various of colors, most competitive price, best quality and best after-sales support are all available.

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