Quality Control

SPC Quality Control

Product quality is everything for us. We use the most advanced equipment in the market to manufacture our products. At BEAU Floor, we have formed a professional quality control department following an extremely high quality control standard after decades of development.

Every piece of BEAU SPC floor is rigorously tested before being delivered to clients. Firstly, with the SPC raw materials, we promise to each customer not to use any recycled plastic and harmful substances. Secondly, for the dimensional stability, we test our samples in high-temperature baking at 80℃ for 24 hours to check dimensional stability.

Finally, with the SPC surface, we use double UV coating to make our SPC floor have excellent stain-resistance, scratch-resistance, smoke-resistance and slip-resistance.
BEAU Floor strictly controls every step of the production process to provide you with the highest quality flooring in the market

Laminate Quality Control

BEAU always focuses on quality and beyond. We have a professional quality inspection team that strictly controls every production process to ensure the excellent quality for every single piece of our laminate floorboards. Our inspection team checks the process of production at regular intervals during the manufacturing stage.

After production, we use professional laboratory tools to check the finished product. For example, Taber tests for the determination of abrasion resistance to determine opening and height difference between elements.

BEAU Floor is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of laminate flooring, with more than 20 years of experience. We will always do our best to offer you the best quality possible with the most competitive pricing.

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