How to choose flooring for your dream house?

It is very important to choose the right flooring for your dream house or office, home etc. You need to do a lot of research and visit many floor store to check the floor material, colors, cost, durability etc. If you have kids and pets, you also need to think about whether the floor has influence for kids, whether it is E0 and eco friendly.

Today we are going to help you to know how to choose the most suitable floor for your home .

1.Where will you install flooring .

Laminate floor is wooden floor, it is not waterproof and can not be installed in kitchen and bathroom. Laminate floor feels close to nature and soft, suitable for living room and bedroom.

While SPC Rigid core flooring is totally waterproof, can be used in kitchen and bathroom. Besides, if you have kids and pets, SPC floor is also a wise choice, as SPC floor has no heavy metals, phthalate, methanol, and other harmful substances, which is good for kids.


2.What is your floor budget?

According to your budget, select the most suitable floor for yourself. Hardwood floor, Engineered floor, Laminate floor, Vinyl floor, SPC floor and tiles. Different floor, different price.


3.Do you know all the type of flooring.

  • Hardwood floor, engineered floor, higher price, but they are real wood floor. They can provide wood feeling. But they hardwood floor and engineered floor need to be polished with wax after a few years.
  • Laminate floor is wooden floor. Different with hardwood floor, laminate floor is no any real wood but laminate floor could also provide wood feeling. Besides, laminate floor is much cheaper than hardwood floor.
  • Vinyl floor is waterproof floor. Vinyl plank is easy to install, suitable for DIY. Luxury vinyl floor can also be installed in bathroom and kitchen. PVC floor has plasticizer, not good for health.
  • SPC floor is also waterproof floor, SPC floor is to take place of vinyl floor. The SPC rigid core floor is cheaper than LVT, but also do not have plasticizer.
  • Tiles can be used anywhere, but tiles will feel cold in winter and difficult for installation.

According to your requirement, you can select the suitable floor for your home.

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