Be part of successful story

Though Beau Floor is new to most of the world, the brand has a rich history that dates back 20 years. During the early 2000’s, the company was born out of a passion for manufacturing floorboards and a commitment to quality. The goal was clear: to produce flooring products that exceed market standards of value and quality. Since the beginning, Beau Floor has produced their bespoke flooring in-house, with zero compromise to quality and workmanship. Known in part for their distinctive wood patterns, Beau Floor collaborates with the finest designers in the world to develop unique flooring solutions that are exclusive to their own. 

Today, Beau Floor offers the highest quality flooring products with the most competitive pricing and distinctive aesthetics – classic flooring reinterpreted in long-lasting and modern styles.

Beau floor highly values client’s satisfaction and providing the most professional and efficient customer service has always been our number one goal. As one of the fastest growing contenders in the Australian Flooring Market, Beau Floor seeks to extend the opportunity for potential clients to collaborate. Together, we continue to deliver the best quality products and beyond.

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